Year 1

The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in the EYFS, to ensure children have a smooth transition into Key Stage 1. A practical and creative approach continues to be an important part of teaching and learning, and the children are gradually introduced to more formal learning as the year goes on so that they remain motivated, enthused and independent learners. Children have daily lessons in reading and continue to read colour-levelled books from the Nelson PM Reading Scheme. Children continue to take part in a daily phonics lesson, following the Letters and Sounds framework and learn and practise cursive letter formation (please see our Handwriting Policy for more information). They also have daily lessons in English and maths in order to learn key skills, facts and concepts. At the end of Year 1, children must complete the Phonics Screening Check, a national assessment of children’s reading skills.

We have a topic-based approach and make creative cross-curricular links through each topic, where appropriate. Every term children learn skills in Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology, PSHE and Citizenship, RE, P.E and Computing. The units that children in Year 1 will be studying this year are shown in the table at the bottom of the page. Through the year, the curriculum is enriched through a range of educational trips and visits. Further information about what children are studying is sent to families in a Curriculum Newsletter every term.

Through our partnership with London Music Masters, Ashmole Primary School funds instrument tuition for all pupils in Key Stage 1. This means that every pupil in Year 1 has the chance to learn either the violin or cello.

Key Stage 1

Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Personal focus


Me and My Family (BHM)

Science Year 1 – Animals, including humans

Science Year 2 - Animals, including humans

Geography – Where I come from

History – Family trees

Art and design – Life through a window (Jeannie Baker) (collage)

Design and technology – Fruit and vegetables

Computing – E-safety

Music – LMM

P.E. – Multi-skills

R.E – Signs and symbols

PSHE and citizenship – new beginnings


Science Year 1 – Seasonal changes

Science Year 2 - Electricity

Geography – Seasons and weather

History – Christmas then and now

Art and design – Colour Creations (painting)

Design and technology – design and make wrapping paper (printing)

Computing - Computational Thinking 1; coding

Music – LMM

P.E. Year 1 – Dance

P.E. Year 2 – Gymnastics

R.E – the Christmas story / Light - Advent

PSHE and citizenship – say no to bullying


Spring Term 3

Spring Term 4

Local focus



Science Year 1 – Everyday materials

Science Year 2 – Everyday materials

Geography – Famous landmarks

History – Famous landmarks

Art and design – Can buildings speak? (printing)

Design and technology – design and make a new landmark for London

Computing – Multimedia

Music – LMM

P.E. Year 1 – Throwing and catching

P.E. Year 2 – Ball skills

R.E – Belonging

PSHE and citizenship – Going for Goals/Persistence


Science Year 1 – Science Week - Space

Science Year 2 – Science Week - Space

Geography – Islands

History – Shipwrecks

Art and design – objects and meaning (drawing)

Design and technology – make a floating raft for a toy (linked to Science Week)

Computational thinking (part 2)

Music – LMM

P.E. Year 1 – Gymnastics

P.E. Year 2 – Skip to the beat

R.E – Giving up something for Love

PSHE and citizenship – Getting on and falling out


Summer Term 5

Summer Term 6

Global focus



Science Year 1 – Plants

Science Year 2 – Living things and habitats/Plants

Geography – journeys (animals, people etc.)

History – communication through the ages

Art and design – Investigating materials (textiles)

Design and technology – making moving vehicles

Computing – Internet, networks and web; IT in the world (2 short units) – links to Global focus

Music – LMM

P.E. – Athletics

R.E – Books and stories

PSHE and citizenship – Good to be me

How Other People Live

(Country focus: France)

Science Year 1 – Sound and light

Science Year 2 – Forces and movement

Geography – Comparing home and abroad (France)

History – study an event from French history (e.g. building of the Channel tunnel, Eiffel Tower etc.)

Art and design – Henri Rousseau (sculpture)

Design and technology – Enterprise project

Computing – Multimedia – Sports and healthy living

Music – LMM

P.E. Year 1 – Athletics/mighty movers

P.E. Year 2 – Boot camp

R.E – Books and stories

PSHE and citizenship - SRE