Year 4

In Lower Key Stage 2 children continue to have daily lessons in reading and many children will continue to read books from the Nelson PM Reading Programme. Some children will finish reading these books and will become a free reader, selecting more challenging texts to read at school and home. The emphasis in reading moves away from phonics towards building comprehension skills, which children practise regularly. They also continue to have daily lessons in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG), English and maths, with a greater focus on completing extended pieces of writing and more formal calculation methods in maths.

We have a topic-based approach and make creative cross-curricular links through each topic, where appropriate. Every term children learn skills in Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology, PSHE and Citizenship, RE, P.E, Computing, Music and Spanish. The units that children in Year 4 will be studying this year are shown in the table at the bottom of the page. Through the year, the curriculum is enriched through a range of educational trips and visits. Further information about what children are studying is sent to families in a Curriculum Newsletter every term.

In Lower Key Stage 2 children will have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons at Brixton Recreation Centre. For children who wish to continue to play an instrument, this is offered through London Music Masters, and many of our pupils continue to receive violin tuition throughout Key Stage 2.



Lower Key Stage 2

Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Personal focus


The UK

Science Year 3 – Light and reflection

Science Year 4 – Forces and magnets

Geography – Changing cities (BHM focus on immigration)

History – Changes in Britain (BHM focus on immigration)

Art and design – Fruit (sculpture)

Design and technology – Modern British food (cooking)

Computing – E-safety

Music Year 3 – Three Little Birds (Charanga)

Music Year 4 – Mamma Mia (Charanga)

P.E. – Fitness

Spanish Year 3 – Numbers and greetings

Spanish Year 4 – Colours, parts of the body

R.E – Stories of religious leaders

PSHE and citizenship – new beginnings


Science Year 3 – States of matter

Science Year 4 – Rocks and fossils

Geography – Tudor Britain

History – The Tudors (Henry VIII)

Art and design – Tudor Portraits (collage)

Design and technology – Tudor architecture

Computing - Computational Thinking 1; coding

Music Year 3 – Ho Ho Ho (Charanga)

Music Year 4 – Traditional Festive Songs (Charanga)

P.E. Year 3 – gymnastics

P.E. Year 4 - Gym sequences

Spanish Year 3 – Classroom instructions/Christmas

Spanish Year 4 – Parts of the body/Christmas

R.E – Ways of describing God

PSHE and citizenship – say no to bullying


Spring Term 3

Spring Term 4

Local focus



Science Year 3 – Sound

Science Year 4 – Electricity

Geography – How water is used

History – How homes have changed

Art and design – ‘Make a splash’ (Jackson Pollock) (painting)

Design and technology – design and make a well (pulleys)

Computing – Multimedia

Music Year 3 – Glockenspiel Stages 1& 2 (Charanga)

Music Year 4 – Glockenspiel Stage 3 (Charanga)

P.E. – Dance

Spanish Year 3 – Asking and giving names

Spanish Year 4 – Asking for Spanish translations

R.E – Events in the life of Jesus

PSHE and citizenship – Going for Goals/Persistence


Science Year 3 – Science Week - Space

Science Year 4 – Science Week - Space

Geography – Map studies

History – Viking raids and invasions

Art and design – Anglo Saxon patterns (printing)

Design and technology – Design and make Viking weaponry

Computing – Internet, networks and web; IT in the world (2 short units)

Music Year 3 – Benjamin Britten, There Was a Monkey (Charanga)

Music Year 4 – Benjamin Britten, Cuckoo (Charanga)

P.E. – Gymfit circuits

Spanish Year 3 – Colours/Easter

Spanish Year 4 – Zoo animals/Easter

R.E – Worship in a Hindu home

PSHE and citizenship – Getting on and falling out


Summer Term 5

Summer Term 6

Global focus



Science Year 3 – Animals, including humans

Science Year 4 – Animals, including humans

Geography – Focus on Scotland

History – Scots invasion from Ireland to North Britain (now Scotland)

Art and design – Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Scottish artist) (drawing)

Design and technology – design and make a shield (coat of arms)

Computing – Computational thinking (part 2)

Music Year 3 – Let Your Spirit Fly (Charanga)

Music Year 4 – Lean on Me (Charanga)

P.E. Year 3 – Athletics/mighty movers

P.E. Year 4 – Athletics/young olympians

Spanish Year 3 – Fruit

Spanish Year 4 – Family

R.E – Rules and how they influence actions

PSHE and citizenship – Good to be me

How Other People Live

(Country focus: Egypt)

Science Year 3 – Plants

Science Year 4 – Living things and their habitats

Geography – Focus on the river Nile

History – Ancient Egyptians

Art and design – Papyrus paintings (textile)

Design and technology - Enterprise

Computing – Multimedia - Sports and healthy living

Music Year 3 – Reflect, Rewind and Replay (Charanga) + Performance

Music Year 4 – Reflect, Rewind and Replay (Charanga) + Performance

P.E. Year 3 – Multi-skills

P.E. Year 4 – Invaders

Spanish Year 3 – Days and months

Spanish Year 4 – Hobbies

R.E – Special books and Sacred Texts

PSHE and citizenship - SRE