Happy School Bag Recycling

Ashmole is taking part in the Happy School Bag Recycling Scheme in order to help raise funds for the school, whilst also raising awareness about recycling. By participating you are helping the environment, helping the local authority meet recycling targets, helping to raise funds for the school, and also de-cluttering your cupboards and drawers of unwanted items.

You can donate good quality (ie wearable):-
- adults and children’s clothes
- paired shoes (tied together with laces or elastic bands)
- hats
- bags
- belts
- curtains
- towels
- bed linen

hsbAll children have been supplied with a plastic bag - If you require any additional bags, please ask in the office. Please place the items in the plastic bag, securely tying the top, and bring the bag to the office during the second week of Spring term 1 (from Monday 9-Thursday 12 January 2017).

The bags will be collected from school on 13 January and transported to the Happy School Bag factory where the textiles will be weighed, sorted and graded according to quality, for reuse or recycling. The school will then be sent a cheque within 14 days (60p for every kilo donated).

Thank you for your support.

Download the information sheet here