Key Performance Indicators 2016

Each year, the government publishes information about the achievement of pupils at schools across England. The attainment and progress scores are used to assess a school’s effectiveness.

On this page you will find information about how well pupils achieve at the end of each phase of their learning at Ashmole compared to other pupils locally and nationally.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Pupils are assessed at the end of Reception in different areas of learning. Pupils are assessed as working towards, working at or exceeding in each area of learning. A ‘Good Level of Development’ (GLD) indicates that a pupil is working at the expected standard or exceeding the expected standard in all areas.

Good Level of Development Ashmole Lambeth National
2016 89% 69% 69%
2015 70% 63% 66%
2014 55% 56% 60% 


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

This table shows the percentage of pupils working at the expected standard in the Phonics Screening Check. Phonics is an important part of how pupils learn to read.

Phonics Ashmole Lambeth National
2016 93% 84% 81%
2015 92% 82% 77%
2014 76% 79% 69%


End of Key Stage Assessments (Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests)

2016 saw the introduction of a new test and assessment system based on a new curriculum. The expected standard is considered to be more challenging than in previous tests. Consequently, comparisons with previous years will not be published nationally.

These tables show the percentage of pupils who demonstrated that they were working at the expected standard. Pupils are assessed in reading, writing and maths. RWM indicates pupils achieving the expected standard in all three subjects.

Pupils’ test scores are converted to a scaled score. A score of 100 and above means the pupil is working at the expected standard.

In Key Stage 1, pupils working well above the expected standard are assessed as working at ‘Greater Depth’. In Key Stage 2, the ‘Greater Depth’ standard is referred to as a ‘high level of attainment.’

In addition to pupils meeting the expected standard, a measure of their progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 is also published.

KS1 Ashmole Lambeth National
Expected Standard in Reading 88% 78% 74%
Expected Standard in Writing 81% 72% 66%
Expected Standard in Maths 85% 76% 73%
Greater Depth in Reading 35% 25% 24%
Greater Depth in Writing 19% 16% 13%
Greater Depth in Maths 31% 20% 18%


KS2 Ashmole Lambeth National
Reading 93% 78% 74%
Writing 93% 72% 66%
Maths 93% 76% 73%
RWM 86% 62% 53%
‘High level of attainment’ in RWM 14% 8% 6%
Average ‘scaled score’ in reading 106 104 103
Average ‘scaled score’ in maths 107 105 103
Average progress score - reading 4.9 A score of 4.6 and above is in the top 5% nationally.
Average progress score - writing  4.9  A score of 4.4 and above is in the top 5% nationally.  
Average progress score - maths  4.8  A score of 4.3 and above is in the top 5% nationally.