Values & Ethos

Ashmole Primary School is a school that serves the needs of children in the local community and prepares its pupils to make positive contributions to modern Britain.

Ashmole has many strengths and it is the welcoming and inclusive environment that draws families from many cultures and backgrounds to the school. The school provides well for a range of learners including those with Special Educational Needs as well as able pupils who achieve standards that are greater than those expected nationally in their academic subjects.

Core Values

The Ashmole Core Values are essential to the way we foster a learning community within our school. They form the basis of the way pupils form relationships with each other and the adults in school; they act as a reference for how to respond to challenging situations and they provide the guidance that pupils need in order to develop effective habits of successful learners.

The Ashmole Core Values are;

  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Supportive 
  • Be Honest 
  • Be Fair
  • Try Your Best

The Ashmole School Reflection, which is read to pupils during the daily assembly, provides examples of what these values mean in practice.

The Ashmole Reflection

  • Help us to be respectful of each other and of each other’s needs.
  • Help us to be supportive; to really be a friend when someone needs us, whoever they are. 
  • Help us to be honest; to have the courage to take responsibility for our actions. 
  • Help us to be fair; to try to see things as others see them and remember that we can’t always be right, or have a turn or go first. 
  • Help us to always try our best and to remember that doing this takes a real effort, which sometimes can be difficult. 
  • Help us, most of all, to work together to make our school as good as it can be.

Outcomes & Opportunities

Providing the best learning opportunities for pupils throughout their time at Ashmole is essential to ensuring the best outcomes.

Academic outcomes are an important part of how the School successfully prepares its pupils for the future. A mixture of whole class and small group teaching with effective early intervention in the essential curriculum areas of reading, writing and mathematics ensure that pupils can confidently meet the expected standards as set out in the National Curriculum.

Outcomes for pupils improved rapidly in 2015 and 2016. Ashmole children’s attainment exceeded national averages in assessments for Reception (5 year olds), Year 1 phonics (6 year olds), Year 2 reading, writing and mathematics (7 year olds) and Year 6 reading, writing, mathematics and English grammar, punctuation and spelling (11 year olds).

The school engages in a range of partnerships to enhance the opportunities it can provide for the pupils. Music is a major feature of school life and in addition to curriculum based music the school commissions London Music Masters to provide violin tuition to all pupils in Key stage 1. Many children continue to learn this instrument throughout Key Stage 2 and leave with a passion for music as well as a high standard of proficiency (often having achieved Grade 5).

Opportunities are sought to provide pupils with every opportunity to work with world class organisations. In 2015/16 the school developed partnerships with Surrey County Cricket Club, The National Theatre, The Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet and The Polka Theatre all of which involved high levels of pupil participation and engagement. A wide range of before and after school clubs, subsidised where necessary, offers pupils opportunities to develop skills in gymnastics, pottery, cookery, martial arts with professional tutors and coaches.

The School values the importance of trips and visits as a way of enhancing the learning experience for pupils. This ranges from visits to places of interest in our immediate locality in the Early Years Foundation Stage classes through to residential trips in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Pupils are supportive of each other and behaviour both in and out of lessons is of a very high standard. A commitment to recognising and acknowledging the everyday positive behaviour of our pupils ensures that they take pride in their school and how they conduct themselves in order to act as role models for each other.

The Ashmole Child 

We believe that happy children are more motivated and better able to work. We hope that our school ethos will enable this to happen and that our pupils will have happy memories of their time at Ashmole.

As a whole school community we will make sure that our pupils will have opportunities to:

  • be confident and have high self esteem
  • be independent, resourceful and self-motivated
  • be tolerant of difference
  • be appreciative
  • be proud of who they are
  • have a sense of humour
  • communicate effectively
  • know their strengths
  • be in control of their feelings
  • be responsible

When relating to others we hope that:

  • they show respect 
  • they are considerate 
  • they are polite, well-mannered and have good social skills 
  • they play a positive part in the community

In relation to their work and learning we aim that they will:

  • be ambitious and strive to do their best 
  • have a clear direction
  • see connections between what they learn in school and the world in which they live
  • be enthusiastic and have curiosity
  • be rounded individuals, seeing the importance of education for their bodies as well as their minds
  • be computer literate
  • be prepared and equipped for Secondary School


Download Ashmole Primary School Values & Ethos here.