Packed Lunches

If children do opt to have a packed lunch then the following guidelines must be followed to ensure that they are equally nutritious and filling.

Packed lunches must contain

  • a drink - bottled water or juice
  • carbohydrates - sandwiches (preferably on brown bread/brown roll or pitta) with an appropriate filling(not chocolate spread) – pasta or rice dish
  • savoury – packet of crisps/nuts or savoury bites
  • fruit – raisons/grapes/banana/apple/satsuma/melon etc.
  • desert – small piece of cake or individual cake /mini biscuit packet/yoghurt – no sweets or chocolate bars

Please try to think about portion size and the amount your child can eat in 20 minutes. Often packed lunches are not finished as the children want to join their class when they are outside playing. It takes much longer to eat a packed lunch than it does a school dinner! The children also need to be able to manage their own lunch. That means opening drinks, yoghurt pots and packets; please work at home to make sure your child is as independent as possible with their eating.

The packed lunches are stored on the Packed Lunch trolley outside the hall in the mornings and collected before lunch by the children. They need to be labelled as we often have similar designs on several lunches which is confusing!