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Welcome to Ashmole Primary School

Thank you for your interest in Ashmole Primary School. I hope that you will find this website provides you with both information about the school and an understanding of the ethos that is ambitious for every pupil. Ashmole school has been providing education to children in the locality around The Oval since 1967 and currently has two hundred and nineteen children on roll aged three-eleven years.

Ashmole has many strengths and it is the welcoming and inclusive environment that draws families from many cultures and backgrounds to the school. The school provides well for a range of learners including those with Special Educational Needs as well as able pupils who achieve standards that are greater than those expected nationally in their academic subjects.

The school engages in a range of partnerships to enhance the opportunities it can provide for the pupils. Music is a major feature of school life and in addition to curriculum based music the school commissions London Music Masters to provide violin tuition to all pupils in Key stage 1. Many children continue to learn this instrument throughout Key Stage 2 and leave with a passion for music as well as a high standard of proficiency (often having achieved Grade 5). The school is a member of The Oval Learning Cluster that alongside other local schools provides services to children (competitive sports, arts events, residential visits), parents (ESOL, ICT and parenting classes) and staff (professional development). Since January 2015 the school has joined the Wyvern Federation that includes two other local primary schools – both rated outstanding in all aspects by Ofsted. Ashmole is a key contributor to this organisation and benefits too from shared expertise and systems.

Outcomes for pupils improved rapidly in 2015 and Ashmole children’s attainment exceeded national averages in assessments for Reception (5 year olds), Year 1 phonics (6 year olds), Year 2 reading and writing (7 year olds) and Year 6 reading, writing and English grammar , punctuation and spelling (11 year olds). The school continues to develop its internal capacity to improve outcomes yet further and this is supported by the federation partner schools.

Pupils are supportive of each other and behaviour both in and out of lessons is a strength. The school benefits from an able and committed staff team who demonstrate a commitment to ensuring every child reaches their potential.

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Ofsted   "Pupils’ behaviour is second to none. They are eager to learn. They are kind, confident, articulate young people. They respect those from all backgrounds and heritages. The school keeps them safe"   OFSTED, 2016

Important dates


Summer term:
Monday 16th April to
Wednesday 18th July

Summer half term break:
Tuesday 29th May to
Friday 1st June


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